Hey guys!

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change your links!

coz i’ve moved into a bigger space!


Pardon the free theme, things will be changing! i promise! sometime! maybe soon even!


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Changes  coming! Check back soon!


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Halloween is already so much fun this year…

30 Before 30

September 3, 2010 § 2 Comments

To a lot of people, this isn’t a big deal. To others, it’s a huge deal. The expectations leading up to that fated day are high, soaring, or incredibly low. It depends on the person, I guess, and what they want to get out of that day. Do I learn something? Do I not learn something? Do I get lots of shiny baubles? Do my friends forget?

I turn 25 next month.

Which I guess isn’t a big deal.

Except, I let a significant part of my life spiral out of control, which had a snowball effect on the rest of my life. All of these factors are what inspired today’s post.

Here’s my list:

30 Things to Accomplish/Do Before 30

  1. Become financially independent.
  2. Move somewhere nice and affordable not in the Eastern Panhandle or DC Metro Area.
  3. Get a promotion.
  4. Go on a vacation to England.
  5. Go to France.
  6. Go to Asia.
  7. Buy a DSLR for longevity and practicality.
  8. Create a plan to eliminate my debt.
  9. Effectively pay off all revolving credit card debt.
  10. Eliminate clutter and distraction from my living space.
  11. Learn flash photography.
  12. Get something published (photograph, poem, something)
  13. Visit Seattle (and Tominda) again.
  14. Paint a room.
  15. Build a webpage for photography and other various work.
  16. Create a portfolio.
  17. Improve upon created portfolio.
  18. See Erika!
  19. Learn to let go and just have a good time.
  20. Make a large investment in my future.
  21. Make a large investment in general.
  22. Adopt a second dog.
  23. Pay off my car.
  24. Learn to knit and subsequently knit something.
  25. Lose 50 pounds.
  26. Learn to sew a button.
  27. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  28. Say hello to a stranger.
  29. Learn to hardboil an egg.
  30. Swim in the ocean.

A lot of these don’t seem exceptional, but given that I’ve wanted to do them and haven’t in the past 10+ years says a lot. I need to find the time to do everything I’ve wanted to.

One of those is already crossed off. More on that later.

The Nationals

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The Nationals

The Nationals,
originally uploaded by applewagon.

I’m not a very big baseball fan
But I went to a Nationals Game last night
and had a fantastic time
and lots of food that is bad for me

one last hurrah, i guess.


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Holy Crap.

Jess and I like to chat about photography and photographers. We like to talk about how awesome we are. Because we are. Awesome.


Anywho, Jess told me about Jasmine Star Photography after we got to talking about wedding photography.

I’m. In. Love.

Total inspiration.

Thanks, Jess!

(PS: Jess is an inspiration to me too. She’s so awesome.)

raw stuffed red pepper

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raw stuffed red pepper

raw stuffed red pepper,
originally uploaded by applewagon.

red flowers in the center of the table –
your chair gone mad,
driven into hiding,
residing in the closet
ever since you stopped visiting it.

the bite is sweet and bitter.
mouthful of kernels and flesh –
dining alone feels tender,
like making love with our eyes open.


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