30 Before 30

30 Things to Accomplish/Do Before 30

  1. Become financially independent.
  2. Move somewhere nice and affordable not in the Eastern Panhandle or DC Metro Area.
  3. Get a promotion.
  4. Go on a vacation to England.
  5. Go to France.
  6. Go to Asia.
  7. Buy a DSLR for longevity and practicality.
  8. Create a plan to eliminate my debt.
  9. Effectively pay off all revolving credit card debt.
  10. Eliminate clutter and distraction from my living space.
  11. Learn flash photography.
  12. Get something published (photograph, poem, something)
  13. Visit Seattle (and Tominda) again.
  14. Paint a room.
  15. Build a webpage for photography and other various work.
  16. Create a portfolio.
  17. Improve upon created portfolio.
  18. See Erika!
  19. Learn to let go and just have a good time.
  20. Make a large investment in my future.
  21. Make a large investment in general.
  22. Adopt a second dog.
  23. Pay off my car.
  24. Learn to knit and subsequently knit something.
  25. Lose 50 pounds.
  26. Learn to sew a button.
  27. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  28. Say hello to a stranger.
  29. Learn to hardboil an egg.
  30. Swim in the ocean.

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